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Integration With the Bureaus to Help Your Marketing

Prescreen allows you to market to consumers based on credit score and more than 1500 other customizable credit attributes.

Prescreen uses credit bureau information, demographics, and other factors to find and connect you with your desired customers.


  • Provides the data you need to focus on the audience most likely to respond.
  • Uses consumer data to deliver a list of pre-approved candidates that meet your criteria, while eliminating unlikely prospects.

You can also import your own list of customers to have bureau data filter out the individuals that do not meet your requirements.

Hone in on your audience, your market, and the customers that meet your standards.

When your marketing efforts are focused on the right people, you’re much more likely to experience the best results.

  • This reduces mailing costs.
    Cuts down on conversion time.
    lowers the cost to acquire customers.
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